Earlier this year, before the launch of my candle business and prior to hitting “publish” on my first blog post for Her Brilliant Life, I found myself a bit clouded and misplaced. I was struggling to navigate my way through a new chapter in my life, learning how to be a work-from-home mama. I was battling guilt, anxiety, insecurity, and isolation. I needed help. I needed a guiding light.

It’s funny how life will give you exactly what you need if you’re truly ready to receive it.

Sabrina found me, I like to think by a divine intervention, through a post in a Facebook group. She basically handed me my lifelong dream on a silver platter, along with boundless inspiration, creative vision, and support.

After chatting on the phone, I discovered that Sabrina was really a superhero disguised as a mama. Her purpose was to help mamas like me. To give us a place to belong. A place to open up and be ourselves. A place to share our stories, along with our struggles and our dreams.

Her first book, You’ve Got This, Mama, released just weeks after I met her and I immediately snagged myself a copy. It was the first co-authored book I had read since my embarrassing obsession with the Chicken Soup for the Soul books as a teenager.

I was completely enthralled, cover to cover.

Sabrina’s company, YGTMAMA, Inc., has grown in unbelievable ways since our initial conversation. I am SO thrilled to be co-authoring her second book, You’ve Got This Mama, Too, due to launch in April of 2019! The opportunity Sabrina gave me to share my story of motherhood, unfiltered, in my own words, has been incredibly healing and empowering for me.

Being a part of the YGTMAMA tribe has brought me more clarity, support, and inspiration than I could have asked for, which is why I wanted to share it with all of you. Sabrina even agreed to do an interview with me, in between renovating her lake house, running her company, and caring for her three boys! She is such an incredible woman with an amazing story to tell.

Read her story HERE!

The YGTM community is all about rising each other up, removing judgment from the equation, diving into the grey areas of motherhood and shining a light on the dark parts. We truly are better together and there is no better way to show mamas they are not alone, then by sharing your own story. 


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