It’s funny how fast life goes when you have kids.

The day to day can get overwhelming, but we make it through some how, don’t we?

The sleepless nights, teething, terrible twos, and the endless diapers will come to an end. Then we are left longing for those precious moments again.

When my oldest went to preschool, I cried the whole two hours he was gone. As he starts his senior year of high school I can only picture that little preschool guy… and those tears start to flow again.

I was working full time while I was pregnant with our first baby. Our plan was for me to go back to work and put the baby in daycare, but once our son was born I told my husband I just couldn’t go back. We came to an agreement, and my life as a stay at home mom began.

I opened an in-home daycare while pregnant with our second, and ran it on my own until our third baby was 4 years old.

Running a daycare all of those years made it really challenging to connect with other moms, especially since we lived in the country and none of our neighbors had kids close in age. What friends we did have stopped coming around once we had kids. So our focus was on our family and growing a close relationship with one another.

We took our kids to Disney World when they were 9, 6, and 4. As we were eating hot dogs one afternoon, a man approached my husband. He said that we reminded him of his family sitting there so many years before. He told my husband to “cherish these days as they go fast”.
We’ve always tried to keep that stranger’s words in mind when it comes to our time with the kids.

As the kids have grown, I’ve realized how much they have been the center of my life. My identity has been “mom” for 17 years. By all means, this is a good thing and absolutely what I wanted, but I’ve recently had to recognize that they won’t live at home forever. And I need to find something for myself.

This summer I started making wreaths to help deal with my anxiety. This has been very therapeutic – healing pieces of me one wreath at a time.
But I don’t need that many wreaths for my front door, so I’ve started selling them online and at craft fairs.
I also started a lifestyle blog about a year and a half ago, and I love that I can share my recipes and crafts with others.

I’ve been a mom for 17 years, and I’ll always be mom. But I’m starting to discover who I am outside of that. I’m a child of God, wife, blogger, crafter, boss.

I’m Jennifer.

Not the same Jennifer I once was, but better because I’ve been blessed to be a mom to three amazing kids.

If I could, I’d go back to that day at Disney and I would thank that man for reminding us how precious time is.


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