Here is my interview with Sabrina Greer, Founder of YGTMAMA, Inc.!

1.       What inspired you to start YGTM and what did the idea look like at the beginning?

I always wanted to be a writer. Even when the other kids were drawing pictures of astronauts and firefighters, not me, I wanted to be “an author” eh-hem, I know super nerdy and pretentious, right? Of course, like so many, I was told this was too big a dream for a small town girl and pushed it to the back burner with all my other hopes and aspirations. I became a mom to three boys, within three years (that is another story for another time). I was outnumbered by tiny dictators – I call them “dics” for short. I soon realized when I was home with my boys, that writing was still a therapeutic outlet for me and reading the stories of other mothers saved my soul. Some raw and honest, you know about wanting to punch their kids in the face, weirdly comforted me in knowing I wasn’t alone in this difficult season of life. Other stories heartbreaking, making me want to squeeze my little’s a bit closer and quit sweating the small stuff and some so wildly different, I couldn’t relate but it made me realize that motherhood does not look the same for all of us yet we can be united in its similarities if that makes sense?  I found my tribe in the collective voice of the diverse breed of the mother.

2.       Can you give me a summarized timeline of your YGTM journey from start to present?

How could I recreate this? How could I put this together so others can benefit the way I did? And voila, Ygtmama was born, my forth baby. You’ve Got This, Mama the book, launched in May 2018 and was a huge hit, Amazon best seller in five categories and started flying off the shelves. Of course, we couldn’t stop there. Look out for You’ve Got This, Mama Too, You’ve Got This, Healthy Mama and You’ve Got This, Boss Mama all launching 2019. We are also launching You’ve Got This, Mama – The Podcast, September 11 / 2018, you can listen to the teaser HERE!

3.       Was there a specific event, person, or thing (book, podcast, etc.) that really motivated and pushed you to turn your vision into reality?

I think the “if you build it, they will come” scenario. I grew up in a village. My parents could not have more biological children after me, due to massive complications with my birth (I have always been a tough cookie, sorry mom) so they became foster parents. I had nearly forty foster siblings growing up of which three we adopted. We had a revolving door of babies, family, friends, support networks, neighbors, social workers, grandparents. It made me wonder, where is this strength in numbers now? After much research, I realized we have fallen victim to the digital generation. So… If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em right? Your Virtual Village, built for all to come! As far as outsources of inspiration. I am a huge advocate for PD (personal development), I believe I am one of the sole consumers keeping Audible alive and crush on average 6-7 books a month. Brene Brown is a personal favorite and you will hear me quote her research a lot in my books. Gretchen Rubin also. My favorite quote is “the days are long but the years are short” so much truth in this.

4.       What are your goals for the YGTM company and community?

This would be an entire post on its own, so I will give you the Coles Notes. We have teamed up with an incredible registered Canadian charity that supports mothers in crisis and provides ongoing support to low-income Mamas and their kids called Mamas for Mamas I essentially want YGTMAMA to be a household name and our books referred to as The Mama Bible’s. I couldn’t find resources like this when I was pregnant and Google is a deep dark rabbit hole. Community, shared experience, removing judgment and shame, I want to bring back the real village, the authentic one, even if it is digital. The true village it takes to raise tiny humans, but upgraded. We have pediatricians, nutritionists, fitness instructors, pro yogis, lawyers, stay-at-home warriors on the team – an endless amount of authentic resources!

5.       Is there anything special that you want people to know about you or YGTM?

Just that we are all in this together. Every story is different, every child, every experience, every birth and everything in between but difference shouldn’t put a wall between us, it shouldn’t separate us. YGTM celebrates differences and embraces the chaos of motherhood as a collective. So wherever you are in your story, I encourage you to share it, publically and remember that you’ve got this, Mama!


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