Wherever You Are, Be All There

WRITTEN BY JENNIFER MILLER It’s funny how fast life goes when you have kids. The day to day can get overwhelming, but we make it through some how, don't we? The sleepless nights, teething, terrible twos, and the endless diapers will come to an end. Then we are left...

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How To Reconnect With Your Spouse After Kids

Q: “My husband and I want to spend more time together after the kids are in bed, but we’re both so tired and unmotivated that we end up just zoning out in front of the tv. Do you have any ideas on what we can do with our time to better connect with each other?” –...

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WAHM’s: How Does Working From Home Affect My Child?

Q: I am a work from home mama with a toddler. I was wondering how working from home while he plays by himself might affect him emotionally? - Anonymous, Texas. Angelica: This is a great question and something I can imagine many work-from-home mothers are concerned...

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Inspiring Confidence: Your Daughter’s First Bra

Do you remember your first bra? I was eleven, and according to my mother, more emotionally ready than physically. My sisters and friends were all wearing bras, and I felt self-conscious and left out. My mom took me, WITHOUT my sisters (which was very rare and quite...

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I Wasn’t Made For This, But I’m Gonna Kick A** Anyway

Somewhere along the way, someone told us that because we are women and we are physically capable, we are supposed to have children. We are supposed to feel fulfilled and complete once we become mothers, because it's our purpose. It's what we're made for. But what if...

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Sometimes I wish my story was slightly more scandalous and interesting... like those actors who started out cleaning toilets or bar-tending and now have Golden Globes sitting on their mantle, run a clothing empire, and own 6 cars. However, my story is pretty ordinary,...

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How 1 Simple Concept Changed My Entire Perspective As A Mom

Driving to my Stroller Strides workout last Monday morning and listening to a podcast I had just learned about over the weekend, I had a MAJOR revelation. Like a life-altering, perspective-changing, mind-shifting, relationship-transforming kind of revelation. All from...

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Excerpts From A Mom Who Never Wanted Kids, Part 1

Hello? Is there anyone out there? Can anyone hear me? I felt as though I was shouting into an abyss - a black hole filled with children's laughter and tickles and snuggles and overused phrases like "I love you to the moon and back" and "you're my world". I was looking...

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I Don’t Have An Anxiety Disorder, I’m Just A Mom

When I first became a mom, I did what most millennial moms do to find friends. I hopped on Facebook and joined some local mom groups. After a couple of awkward posts that sounded like something from the romance section of craigslist, I landed a few promising playdates...

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Meet Bex

Wife, mama, writer, blogger, serial entrepreneur. Enjoys red wine, a clean kitchen, and (long) moments of silence. Obsessed with flatlay photography. Self-improvement & growth mindset junkie. Believes life's to short to lie to yourself about anything.

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