7 Fun Things To Do With Your Kids Right Now

My three year old is really into playing "salon" and "boutique" right now. This typically entails me pretending to be a customer, several times, while she does my hair or tries to sell me toys from her table-top store. This gets repeated over and over until she...

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Life In The Mess

Right now, I'm sitting on my bed using my daughter's ice cream cone pillow as a desk. My messy bun is about two loose bobby pins away from falling out, and my three-year-old is drooling on my tingling arm. This week has not been the best... in fact, this month so far...

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An Open Letter From A Mom Who Hates Motherhood

Every mama has a different story. Our journeys into motherhood vary, as do the struggles, challenges, and emotions that come with the job. Each and every one of us are entitled to feel ALL the feels, as deep as they come, embracing them and growing from them along the...

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5 Lullabies To Try Tonight

From the day I brought Olivia (my oldest) home from the hospital, I would sing to her every night until she'd fall asleep. Sounds sweet and dreamy, right? Well it didn't start off that way. I remember holding her for the first time at home in the rocking chair - just...

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To My Daughters On New Years Eve

Liv and Eve, I write this letter to you on the day that ends another year you won't remember. Liv, you turned three in September. I never imagined that you'd grow so fast in the few months that followed your third birthday. You started preschool and learned about best...

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Modern Mothering: Why I Don’t Want To Be A “Good” Mom

What does it mean to be a "good" mom anyway? I think it depends on each individual - each circumstance and situation. That makes the most sense, right? Though, society beats this idea into our brains that somehow, magically, we are ALL "good" moms. Without knowing us...

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How Ambition Made Me A Better Mom

WRITTEN BY LILY UGBAJA Who is a mother? What is her purpose, her higher calling? I thought I had all the answers 3 years ago until suddenly I didn’t. We were on our way back home from church that sunny Sunday afternoon when my 2 year old threw a major tantrum. It was...

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Wherever You Are, Be All There

WRITTEN BY JENNIFER MILLER It’s funny how fast life goes when you have kids. The day to day can get overwhelming, but we make it through some how, don't we? The sleepless nights, teething, terrible twos, and the endless diapers will come to an end. Then we are left...

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How To Reconnect With Your Spouse After Kids

Q: “My husband and I want to spend more time together after the kids are in bed, but we’re both so tired and unmotivated that we end up just zoning out in front of the tv. Do you have any ideas on what we can do with our time to better connect with each other?” –...

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Meet Bex

Wife, mama, writer, blogger, serial entrepreneur. Enjoys red wine, a clean kitchen, and moments of silence. Obsessed with flatlay photography. Self-improvement & growth mindset junkie. Believes life's to short to lie to yourself about anything.

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