Q: I am a work from home mama with a toddler. I was wondering how working from home while he plays by himself might affect him emotionally?Anonymous, Texas.

Angelica: This is a great question and something I can imagine many work-from-home mothers are concerned about.
In working with children and teens, I have found that young kids really thrive with a healthy mix of unstructured playtime and adult directed activities. With that in mind, it is very possible that a child’s sense of independence and self-direction may be influenced by the solo playtime he gets while he is young.

Chances are, the hours of self-directed play while you work is not influencing your toddler as much as the intentional quality time that you spend with him.
Instead of focusing on the time that you are unable to engage with your child as intently as you would like, I encourage you to take a step back and consider the quality of your relationship with your toddler as a whole.

A child’s attachment to the adults in their lives overpowers the large majority of situational circumstances.

By developing a secure attachment to you, your child will most likely grow up to be an emotionally balanced, confident, and socially engaged individual.

Signs that your child is securely attached: 

– Your child seems to be comfortable exploring new environments.
– Your child welcomes you eagerly after times of separation.
– Your child looks to you for comfort.

A couple of resources to learn more about fostering secure attachments:

The Keys to Rewarding Relationships: Secure Attachment
How to Cultivate A Secure Attachment With Your Child

It is normal to question the decisions we make as parents, especially those that can have significant effects on our children. Your concerns tell me that you value self-awareness, growth, and the overall health and happiness of your child!


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