Because You’ve Got This, Mama

Earlier this year, before the launch of my candle business and prior to hitting “publish” on my first blog post for Her Brilliant Life, I found myself a bit clouded and misplaced. I was struggling to navigate my way through a new chapter in my life, learning how to be...

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3 Actionable Steps To Help Work Through Emotional Trauma

Q: How can I move past something that emotionally traumatized me years ago, without having to relive that aspect of my life? - Jen B., Colorado Angelica: I spent the greater part of this morning in my backyard, gardening and tending to my ever-growing outdoor to-do...

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An Extraordinary Journey: Sunit Suchdev

"Though we tremble before uncertain futures, may we meet illness, death, and adversity with strength, may we dance in the face of our fears". - Gloria Anzaldua For some of us, our journey begins in the middle of an ordinary day, with nothing more than a simple thought...

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I Wasn’t Made For This, But I’m Gonna Kick A** Anyway

Somewhere along the way, someone told us that because we are women and we are physically capable, we are supposed to have children. We are supposed to feel fulfilled and complete once we become mothers, because it's our purpose. It's what we're made for. But what if...

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An Extraordinary Journey: Beth Hill

"She was powerful, not because she wasn't scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear." -Atticus Most of us will never have to experience something that causes us to contemplate the end of our lives. We don't often think about what it would feel like...

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Letting Go Of A Toxic Lifestyle

I was 22 when I experienced my first real moment of self-awareness. I've had several other "aha!" moments since then, but this was my first - and by far the most substantial. Throughout my high school years and into my twenties, I found it difficult to make decisions....

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I Don’t Have An Anxiety Disorder, I’m Just A Mom

When I first became a mom, I did what most millennial moms do to find friends. I hopped on Facebook and joined some local mom groups. After a couple of awkward posts that sounded like something from the romance section of craigslist, I landed a few promising playdates...

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Experiences That Change Us

When I was 18, I was held at gunpoint during a robbery that occurred while I was working at a hotel. My best friend Christina was working the 2nd shift with me that day, and by 6pm we were the only employees left in the building (aside from the night engineer whom we...

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Meet Bex

Wife, mama, writer, blogger, serial entrepreneur. Enjoys red wine, a clean kitchen, and (long) moments of silence. Obsessed with flatlay photography. Self-improvement & growth mindset junkie. Believes life's to short to lie to yourself about anything.

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