“Though we tremble before uncertain futures, may we meet illness, death, and adversity with strength, may we dance in the face of our fears”.
– Gloria Anzaldua

For some of us, our journey begins in the middle of an ordinary day, with nothing more than a simple thought or realization. But for others, it begins in the aftermath of a tragedy.

Meet Sunit, a beautiful soul and real-life super woman. She is an author, certified life coach, meditation teacher, podcaster, speaker, and mama of twin boys!

Sunit’s self-development journey was catalyzed by the terminal cancer diagnoses and ultimate death of her father, almost two years ago. She was devastated, sad, overwhelmed, and forced to face her own mortality.

“Learning that someone you love, who is otherwise completely healthy, is going to die, really forces you to reevaluate your own life”.

Along with a sudden desire to quit her “cushy” 9-5 job, Sunit realized that in order to grow, she needed to let go of certain people and relationships in her life that were no longer serving her.
“My relationships with the people who still do remain in my life, are better. I’m happier and I spend much less time caring what people think or trying to convince others. I try to lead by example and those who want to come with me, do”.

Growing up, Sunit always had a strong desire to educate and help people, but discovering her passions and then figuring out how to move forward with them was challenging. She had wanted to be so many things, including a doctor and a teacher at one point, but her overall goal was to help people.

“I think we are at a time and place right now where we are unhealthier and unhappier than ever before. We are struggling as a society. We are not nurturing our minds bodies and souls”.
Through her work as a life coach, Sunit is able to inspire women (mostly moms) to live a holistic, high-vibe life. “We have an enormous power to change the future through how we act right now, and how we raise our kids…”

“…I hope to bring women to a place of really stepping into action in these areas and then inspiring this in their kids”.

Although Sunit is already living her dream through this empowering work, she has set some pretty significant goals for herself: “I would love to have a New York Times Bestselling book and be a world renowned speaker on the topic of Mindset, Health, and Wealth in Motherhood”.

I think she is well on her way!

To learn more about Sunit’s work, visit her website and check out her instagram page!


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