“She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly, despite the fear.”

Most of us will never have to experience something that causes us to contemplate the end of our lives.

We don’t often think about what it would feel like to have to say goodbye to our loved ones, or leave behind decades of unlived life and undiscovered dreams. In our world today, the scary things always “happen to other people”.

Well today, I am sharing a story about one of those “other people”.

Just a few years ago at age 41, Beth Hill became very sick. While suffering from debilitating weakness and fatigue, she almost lost the use of her entire left arm and hand.
After seeing several health care professionals, she was soon diagnosed with an autoimmune disease as well as Chiari Malformation, a condition in which the brain extends into the spinal canal.

“At one point, the diagnosis was indefinite. My neurosurgeon thought I might have a tumor and sent me to New York for a second opinion. I yo-yoed between wondering if I was going to die, be paralyzed, or be permanently disabled”.

Luckily, the doctor in New York decided it was just a cyst and was fairly certain that decompression surgery (which would require removing part of her skull) would help.

“It’s hard to describe exactly how you feel when your whole life comes crashing down on you and you aren’t sure if there is going to even be a future to worry about”.

She found an amazing neurosurgeon in her home state of Kentucky, and had a successful decompression surgery.
“After the surgery, I realized that I had been neglecting myself for a long time and that if I wanted to continue on in this world, there had to be changes”.

Beth hadn’t realized (until this major health event occurred) that she had been severely neglecting herself emotionally and physically. At some point she had adopted this belief that she didn’t deserve happiness unless things in her life were “just-so”; the debt was paid, the house was perfect, the kids were given extra attention, etc.

“It wasn’t an attitude anyone taught me or forced on me, it was just an abyss I sank into myself”.


Because of the things that happened with her health, Beth has since learned how to give herself some grace. “I’ve learned to be kind to myself and believe in my talents and abilities. I’ve learned that I am important too and there is no sense in trying to fill someone else’s cup if mine is completely empty!”.

This new empowering mindset has produced a shower of positive effects for Beth.

“I’m more confident, I’m more excited, I’m more positive, and I’m getting stronger every day. My vision of the future is one of my favorite things now!”.

She also discovered a new passion!
Through her blog, That One Mom, she is able to support and encourage other women to practice self-care and learn to love and appreciate themselves. “I feel like women are worse [these days] about neglecting their personal needs, and it’s become an epidemic. I know we are all a little broken, but it boggles my mind how many people are struggling right now. And a lot of it relates back to confidence and self-esteem…and a lack of treating ourselves with kindness”.

One of Beth’s biggest goals in the next five years is to write a book, and based on her witty, real, and charming personality that comes out in her blog (seriously, GO CHECK IT OUT!) – I will be the first to buy!!!

THANK YOU Beth, for being such an inspiration to me and for sharing your amazing story with us. You are one incredible, brave mama!

Go visit Beth at That One Mom, “where the tea is probably sweet, the food is probably fattening, and the conversation will either leave you laughing or scratching your head”.
You can learn more about Beth’s newfound love for cosmetics with her LimeLight business, and hang out with her on Pinterest and Facebook!


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