I’m an f-bomb mom and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

A few weeks ago, I posted in a facebook group looking for some good swear alternatives. I was shocked at the 560 comments I got on the post, and you guys… I got some gems.

So here is a compilation of the best ones I got, ready for my fellow f-bomb moms to try out!

1. Oh, fudge nuts!
2. Mothersmucker
3. Yuck Fu!
4. What the fish
5. What the cheese
6. Sugar beets
7. What a birch
8. Fishsticks
9. Sugar Baker
10. That’s bullskirt
11. Mothercracker
12. Motherfluffer
13. That’s nuckin Futs
14. Shut the front door
15. Razzlefrazzits!
16. Oh pickles!
17. Shirtballs
18. What the fork
19. Fork you
20. Mother-father
21. Fudgebuckets
22. Shrimp show
23. Bob Saget
24. Bollocks
25. Fuster cluck
26. Sun in the ditch
27. For five cents!
28. Betch
29. Fark
30. Flaky biscuits!



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