Do you dare to speak your mind? to be challenged? to be wrong? to believe in yourself? to pursue happiness?

I do.

But, a year ago I didn’t. A year ago I didn’t know who I was. I was just a full time stay at home mom raising two littles, and life seemed to just be happening around me. I had lost myself (well truthfully, I hadn’t yet found myself) in motherhood.

So many of us spend our days drowning in responsibilities, routines, and the monotony of everyday life, that we forget we were all put here for a reason. We all possess the power to make a positive impact on the world, but it’s up to us to find that power and actually put it to use… it’s up to us to find the brilliance and uniqueness buried inside of each of us, and set it free it.

Most of us will experience some sort of identity confusion in our lives.
According to research, most identity confusion occurs in the teen years, but I’m really wondering who enters their twenties REALLY knowing who they are??? I certainly didn’t.

I’ve spent an increasing amount of time over the last six months studying two types of people, and learning about self-awareness, personal growth, and emotional intelligence. I’ve become obsessed with hearing stories from people who pushed themselves beyond their limits, left comfort and security behind, and faced their fears, all in the pursuit to discover who they really are. The struggles, the hustle, the failures, and eventually, the ultimate unearthing of their purpose.

For many, this period of inquisition might stir up feelings of confusion, discouragement, resistance, and anxiety. These people might seek out material fulfilment by purchasing new cars, homes, etc. or by making significant life-changes such as a career change, marriage, or children.

For others, it will initiate the start of a journey that will result in more awareness, empowerment, and a lifelong passion for learning and growing. These people are more likely achieve success in most everything they set out to do, and they will feel satisfaction and joy throughout their lives.

This completely fascinates me.

So many people live out their entire lives doing work they don’t love, never making “enough” money, unhappy in their relationships, and never feeling confident about themselves. Truth is, our world today is full of lazy, fearful people who would rather sit on the sidelines than take a risk. They’d rather sit around waiting for things to happen to them because seeking opportunities and putting themselves out there is too scary. It’s too much work.
They’d prefer contentment over excitement, and they’d take comfort over challenge.

But here’s the thing.
We have to get uncomfortable. We have to get scared. We have to be brave.

That’s where we learn.

That’s where we grow.

By making ourselves better, braver, stronger, we are making the world better.

It’s in those challenging, uncomfortable moments that we find pieces of who we really are. We have to be open and willing to see them and accept them and nurture them because if we don’t, our truths will be lost inside of us forever. And the world will suffer.

This journey isn’t meant to be easy. But let me tell you, it’s worth it. Even in the thick of it, it’s worth it.


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