Hi, I’m Bex.

Wife to a tradesman and mama to two little ladies (Olivia, 6.5, and Eve, 5), I’m a deeply inspired creative who recently re-committed my life to God after a pretty intense 22-year intermission.
Prior to stumbling back into my walk with Christ, my life had revolved around my self-centered desires and ideas about what I was really here for. I wasted a lot of time “working” on myself, trying to “step into my greatness” and “discover my purpose”. I found myself increasingly frustrated and struggling in my role as a mother and business owner, and became resentful and angry when no one came to my rescue.

In April of 2022, all of that changed.
I unintentionally connected with Jesus during a virtual guided meditation with a yogi influencer, which immediately initiated some massive shifts in my mindset and emotional state. I quickly went from following these trendy Eastern Religion practices I had picked up over the years (meditation, manifestation, self-awareness, shadow work, etc.) to completely handing my life (and my control) over to God.
There was NO fear, NO doubt, NO hesitation. I knew that this was the path I was meant to be on and I jumped in wholeheartedly.